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Львівський театр естрадних мініатюр



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Theater Founder


The actors of the theater "And people and puppets" were the students of their leader Oleg Novohatskyy. He is the winner of the award "Experiment" NSTD of Ukraine. Under his guidance they went through the rough way from the basics of theatrical skills to the ability to create a deep stage character and perfect puppet art. They feel comfortable either behind the screen, or in live play. Although Oleg Novohatskyy is a faithful knight of puppets, he in his creations rarely refers to a living plan, unless it is absolutely necessary for communicating work ideas.

He graduated from drama school in Dnipropetrovsk. He started his career as an actor at the First Ukrainian theatre for children and youth (then - TYUH named after Maxim Gorky). Later he worked at Lviv regional puppet theater, where he was involved in teaching of young actors. He was assigned to a senior director-course to Moscow, where he trained at the workshop of Sergey Obraztsov. Then he became an artistic director to the amusement park named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky. But with the “Soviet reorganization times” it became possible to create the “theater of his dreams”. Oleg Novohatskyy left the previous place of work and, risking everything, created the theater, which embodied his vision of action for children. So this is how "And people and puppets” had started...

The winner of "Experiment" (1999) and the winner of numerous awards and certificates is now the director and artistic director of the Lviv Theater of vaudeville miniatures "And people and puppets".