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Olena - Memorial page


Olena Gorodetska was another person involved in the establishment of the theater. She had worked for many years as the head artist. Perhaps Olena  inherited  the love to the puppets from her father Oleg Novohatskyy. That is why Olena was one of the leading actresses of the theater for a long time. She also taught young actors, helped them to learn the secrets of puppet art. Her tireless hands had created many wonderful, unique puppets, as well as numerous screens, backdrops, and backstages.  All that was sawed, glued and created at a small Olena’s apartment, which seemed to be more of the theater closet rather than home. The main help in her art work she received from her son Oleg, who followed the footsteps of her mother and grandfather.

All her unique talent, extremely sensitive to the director thoughts, the theater artist Olena Novohatska - blessed her memory, put into the theater. She created the images and puppets not only on paper and sketches, but with her own hands made every little detail to every new performance. Each puppet because alive in her amazing hands. Despite the lack of the basic conditions for creativity she created a wonder. Do you think she had many assistants and technical staff? Unfortunately she did everything by herself in a small rented room, which served as her living room, bedroom and creative workshop. Looking for fabrics and accessories, technical details to create a puppet, she worked day and night, because creativity knew no breaks even for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She performed all the work by herself, however in most state theaters this is the task of big group of artists.
"Nut twig" might not have been Olena’s favorite play,   but it showed her extraordinary talent of an artist who could combine aesthetics of different worlds in one play. She opened quintessence of each world and allowed young viewers clearly understand where the world of good was, and where was the world of evil.

Olena had no chance to see the restored performance, only in records, which she inspected with her ironic eye and provided many well-reasoned objections. The artist had always sought for the perfection. She donated all her strength to everything she created. She could re-make many times if at least one little detail irritated her exquisite taste. She was the toughest and the most categorical self-critic.