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There are many places in the hometown, which one can pass by without noticing their existence.

And what about visitors who cannot even guess that there is fairy tale waiting for their children in Lviv…

Not always Lviv welcomes its guests with beautiful sunny weather.

Often, rain, fog, wet feet and wind can spoil the mood and the city sightseeing tours. But why not spending time with interest and pleasure? ...

This is the theater for children "And people and Puppets”...
/ Olenka Blida "Tourist Lviv» №2    November, 2008 /

Where does the history of theater start?  It starts with the new team, with the birth of a new idea, with the new building, - each theater has its own story. However, the history of the theater “And people and puppets” starts still the man.
So, first was a man - Oleg Maksymovych Novohatskyy, a man who for almost half of a century had cherished a dream: to have his Own theater and create his Own tale. And so, in 1988 the  dream became a reality: Novohatskyy, who then led the amateur theatrical groups in Lviv organization of teachers was offered to create a small but interesting professional theater. This is how the theater “And people and puppets” was created. The first actors were members of the studio of the teachers. The first years of existence were very difficult for the team due to the lack of its own premises without basic conditions necessary for the functioning of the theater. But there was a grand enthusiasm, and people in love with a Puppet. Perhaps, because of these difficulties the director went to some art openings, got some secrets and re-invented expressive means. Even today it remains "highlight" of the theater. A considerable experience in the genre of the puppet arts O. Novohatskyy gained while studying at A.N. Matskevych studio (founder of the Lviv regional puppet theater), and later - at a creative workshop of S. Obraztsov.

In 1990 the theater receives its own premises - a small room of 62 sq. m at St. .Fredra, 6. It seemed - what a room - own one! But from that very moment started a long and exhausting struggle with officials. The theater was forced to defend its right to exist.

In December 2005 the state took the theater in its formal care, providing it a status of municipal theater.

In 2006 a horrible disaster befell the theater: a terrible fire almost totally destroyed it. Dolls, decorations, costumes, equipment were burned. In short, everything that was created and acquired by the team for over 16 years disappeared. Those were over 20 performances designed for different age groups, for children and adults. Only several old suitcases with puppets were saved.

After years of overwork O. Novohatskyy and his team had to start everything from scratch. They started wandering in strange basements, premises that were temporary shelters for the theater, collecting at least some materials that could produce a new puppet or decoration. At this time the theater felt the active support of the public: many viewers sympathized and somehow tried to support the staff.

With the help of the construction company "Halychartbud and mobile operator Kyivstar, with the support of the Lviv city council, personally mayor Mr. Andriy Sadovyy, multiple sponsors, it became possible to revive the theater from the ashes – the reconstruction of the premises was carried out! The stage, auditorium, make-up room, cellar were completely rebuilt. It became also possible to purchase special equipment, lighting and new chairs, suitable for handicapped children. In December 2007, there was the opening of the renovated theater “And people and puppets”.

In 2010 the Lviv Theater of vaudeville miniatures "And people and puppets" will celebrate its 20th anniversary. The repertoire is annually updated with new and creative works. As of today, there are 15 plays for children of different ages and adults.

The team participated in many international festivals of puppet theaters, both in Ukraine and abroad. The staff was awarded various diplomas and awards.

The plays are acknowledged by the audience both young one and adult. The theatre has its connoisseur among professionals of puppet theater art and drama theater art.